Investment Phillipsophies

When it comes to investing, every fund manager has its unique set of house rules. Ours happens to be built on prudence, diligence and deep rooted Asian values. These beliefs are the bedrock of our success. We call them our Investment Phillipsophies.

We have a number of Phillipsophies, here are a few

Investment Phillipsophy #3

Bad news can often be good reasons to invest

At Phillip Capital Management, we often go against convention: buying undervalued stocks during a crisis and selling amidst euphoria when the risk-reward is no longer in our favour. This contrarian approach has allowed us to deliver an impressive record of strong, long-term results. In fact, we have more than tripled our assets under management over the past decade to become one of Asia’s leading independent fund managers. Check out our funds for more reasons to grow your money with us.

Investment Phillipsophy #8

We don’t take investments at face value, we meet the business owners face-to-face

At Phillip Capital Management, we investigate each stock thoroughly before investing.Prior to purchase, our fund managers employ an unbiased approach to evaluate every opportunity; initiating 250 meetings a year – that’s one fact-finding session each business day! Our disciplined investment approach has enabled us to deliver strong results and earn the trust of institutional and individual investors alike.

Investment Phillipsophy #9

If we can sleep soundly, you’ll have sweet dreams too

At Phillip Capital Management, we believe in investing your money responsibly. Across portfolios, our fund managers are backed by an independent unit that assesses potential risks. This prudent approach has allowed our funds to achieve consistent results as well as avoid credit defaults ever since inception. Don’t lose sleep over your investments, invest with us.

Investment Phillipsophy #5

You don’t have to own a building to profit from it.

Earn Regular Payouts with the Phillip Singapore Real Estate Income Fund

Participate in the growth of Singapore properties with the Phillip Singapore Real Estate Income Fund – the first fund to focus on investing in Singapore-listed REITs across industrial, retail, office, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Stable income is achieved by distributions from these REITs and regular quarterly dividends have been paid out since inception.


Investment Phillipsophy #11

It’s always nice to have an extra stream of income.

Earn attractive payouts with Phillip Income Fund

Looking for a stable, additional stream of income? The Phillip Income Fund invests in high quality, dividend-yielding stocks and bonds. Our dynamic allocation strategy capitalises on market changes, providing meaningful diversification while protecting against volatility. The Phillip Income Fund has delivered consistent and increasing semi-annual payouts, creating a dependable flow of returns for our clients.